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Big Four Café
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Reservations strongly suggested.

Prices and availability may vary.

2 eggs with 2 ingredients, Additional toppings .50
Additional eggs 1.99 Add avocado .99  |  Egg whites only 1.99

American • Cheddar • Swiss • Sm. Gouda 
Mozzarella • Brie • Queso Cotija • Provolone

Red Onion • Bell Peppers • Roast Garlic 
Tomato • Spinach • Basil • Arugula • Chives 
Fresh Jalapeño • Cilantro • Mushrooms

Bacon • Sausage • Ham • Chorizo • Goetta


             2 fresh biscuits, topped with fresh cut country fried steak,                        house made sausage gravy, and 2 eggs any style.

     WAFFLES 9.99 (GFO)      

                Choice of bacon, sausage or ham.  Sub Goetta add.50 

 Sweet  -  Belgian Style 

         Savory - Cheddar cheese and chives           

                                          Add  2 chicken strips 3.99                                                                                                       


Served with 2 eggs any style

Why You Cross the Road
Herb roasted chicken, roast garlic,
mozzarella cheese

Porker's Stern
Pulled BBQ braised pork butt,
smoked gouda, dill pickle

All American
Sausage, bacon, ham, tomato, and American cheese.

Vegans Friend (no egg)
Tomato, roasted garlic, pinto beans,
and seared eggplant


4.99  Bacon  •  2.99 Toast  •  4.99 Sausage  

  4.99 Ham  •  3.99 Hash  •  3.99 Egg  

  3.99 Grits  •  2.99 Biscuit  

5.99 each:  Rings  •  Fruit

2.99 Gravy   • 

      5.99   Fries  • Goetta 5.99     

Coffee Drinks   5.99

Latte  Flavor - Vanilla

             Cappuccino •  Macchiato         

  Ask Your Servere About

Our Flavor Selections

Soda Pop-2.99/3.99

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper,

Spring, Orange Crush, Root Beer

Ask Your Server About Daily Specials,

Local Discounts, and Call Ahead Ordering



Party Planning   Rehearsal Dinners

Batesville To Go Delivers

  Choice of, bacon, sausage, or ham. Goetta add .50

Choose your stack: 
Single (1) 7.99   |   Double (2) 9.99   |  Trio (3) 10.99

Choose your extras (up to 3) 
Add more for .50 ea.

Blueberries, Chocolate Chips, Strawberries,
Cinnamon Apples, Peanut Butter Chips, Cherries,
 Butterscotch Chips, Marshmallows

Choice of, bacon, sausage, or ham. Goetta add .50

Single (1) 5.99    |    Double (2) 7.99    |   Trio (3) 9.99


The Morning Ritual 13.99 (GFO)
2 eggs any style, served with choice of bacon, sausage, ham.
Sub Goetta add .50   Served with potato hash and choice of toast

The Hungry Man 18.99 (GFO)
3 eggs any style, choice of 2 sides bacon, sausage,
or ham. Goetta add .50 for 1 or 1.00 for 2.
Served with potato hash, 1 biscuit & gravey, and choice of toast.

Breakfast Burrito 14.99 (GFO)
4 eggs, sausage, bacon, ham, chorizo, potatoes,
cheddar cheese, pico de gallo. 

                  Caballero style add .99    |    "El doble" add 6.99   |                    Goetta  .99   |   Add avocado .99

Texas "Toad in a Hole" 13.99
Served with choice of bacon, sausage,  or ham.  Sub Goetta .50  

Two slices of Texas toast
hollowed out and stuffed with fresh eggs,
with a side of sausage gravy.

Breakfast Quesadilla 12.99
Egg, bacon, ham, sausage, onions, cheddar cheese,
sausage gravy, served on a seared flour tortilla 
with salsa, and sour cream. Add avocado .99

Biscuit and Gravy Benedict 18.99
2 fresh biscuits, topped with tri-tip country
fried steak, or butter milk fried chicken fingers,
our house sausage gravy, and 2 eggs any style.

Hoosier Croque  17.99 

2 fresh biscuits, topped with two fresh fried chicken fingers, sliced ham, and swiss cheese, our house sausage gravy, and 2 eggs any style.

Steak & Eggs 19.99 (GFO)
Hard seared breakfast steak with 2 eggs any style and toast.


Brown Sugar Oatmeal
with brown sugar and raisins

Yogurt & Granola
Topped with fresh blueberries

Warm Danish Basket
Mixed bag of 3 warm Danish

Biscuits & Gravy

Single (1) 6.99

Double (2) 8.99

Trio (3) 10.00


Reservations strongly suggested for Saturday and Sunday

and for groups with 5 or more guests.

Prices and availability may vary.

fresh in house ground beef, served with
choice of house fries, onion rings.
Small salad or fruit substitutions .99

Cheese .99
American • Cheddar • Swiss • Sm. Gouda 
Mozzarella • Brie • Queso Cotija • Provolone

Vegetable .99
Roast Garlic • Fresh Jalapeño • Spinach
Mushrooms • Arugula • Basil • Cilantro

Proteins 1.99
Bacon • Goetta • Ham • Egg Any Style
BBQ Chicken • BBQ Pork 
Shaved Steak • Chili

Served with fries or onion rings. Small salad or fruit substitutions .99

Pressed Cuban
House braised 12 hour pork, sliced Indiana ham,
swiss cheese, dill pickle, and brown mustard

"Big Mouth Tallboy"

Ham, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, over hard egg, swiss and american cheese, bacon, on toasted wheat bread.

.Classic Italian
Ham, salami, capicola, roasted garlic aioli,
topped with mozzarella cheese and basils served
 on hoagie.

Chicken Bacon Avocado Wrap
Pulled chicken or fried chicken finger, bacon, avaocado, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato and buttermilk ranch.

American Cheese Steaks  (GFO)
Steak   |   Chicken   |   Pork

With onions, peppers, mushrooms, and
choice of cheese. Served with choice of fries
or onion rings. Small salad or fruit .99

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich (GPO)

12 hour, slow roasted mojo pulled pork tossed in smoky BBQ and served on a prezel bun with pickles. Served with choice of fries or onion rings. Small salad or fruit .99

Big 4 BLT (GFO)

6 slices of bacon, with lettuce, seasoned tomato, on hoagie with fries or onion rings. Small salad or fruit subsitiutions  .99.

Hoosier Dip (GFO) 14.99

Hot sliced beef, sauteed onions, mushrooms, and mozzarella cheese served on hoagie roll with garlic aioli and a side of beef gravy.

Add pulled chicken, steak, or (3) shrimp 3.99

BLT Wedge   7.99
Chopped iceberg lettuce, chopped bacon,
diced tomato, blue cheese or ranch

Arugula & Apple   7.99  
Arugula green tossed with diced apples, candied
pecans, and orange and honey vinaigrette

Bacon Egg & Spinach  8.99
Baby spinach, red onions, diced tomato,
bacon, boiled egg, with balsamic vinaigrette.

Herb & Garlic Chop   8.99
Chopped romaine lettuce, diced tomato,
onions, peppers, avocado, smoked gouda,
basil, and red wine roasted garlic vinaigrette.

Quinoa   8.99
Toasted quinoa, tomato, onion, seared
eggplant, romaine lettuce, served with
red wine roasted garlic vinaigrette

    Bold, New Items For a      Limited Time!

Big 4 Sloppy "James"   14.99

Fresh ground beef and vegetables, sauteed with our own cooks recipe of herbs, spices, and a touch of fresh cream. Served on a brioche bun with cheddar and smoked gouda cheeses.

Salad Nicois

A "Nice" summer treat: mixed spring greens, diced onions, tomatoes, 4 oz seared Mid Rare-Medium tuna steak, and a mix of mediterranean olives, served with orange honey vinaigrette.

Chili Cheese Wedges 

Back for our spirng menu! Wedge cut fried potatoes, seved topped with our house chili, cheddar cheese, red onions, and fresh jalapeno, with a side of sour cream.


                Chicken or Fish and Chips 14.99                               Buttermilk fried chicken tenders (3)               
    •  Beer batter Alaskan Pollock Filet
 with choice of fries, onion rings. Salad or fruit substitution .99

Quesadilla 12.99 
 Steak   |   Chicken   |   Pork   |  Cheese

Flour tortilla, onions, cheddar and mozzarella cheeses,
served with sour cream salsa.
Add avocado .99

                                          Steak Frites  18.99                                                   NY Strip Steak topped with garlic herb, butter and served with house fries

       Fried "Po-Boy" Sandwich 16.99
Served with choice of fries or onion rings.  
Small salad or fruit  .99 

                                Buttermilk fried chicken tenders (2)                                                 Beer Batter Alaskan Pollock Filet                     

With choice of fries or onion rings. Salad or fruit substituions .99.

 FRESH MADE SOUP:    Made fresh cup/bowl
   CUP 4.99   |   BOWL 7.99

                                  Texas Chili (GF)                                                                   Gound beef, onions, beans, chili peppers.  Made with cheddar cheese and a slice of jalapeño

                                      Tomato Bisque (GFO)                                                 Stewed tomato soup with cream and herbs.

                                   Roasted Chicken & Noodle (GFO)                                     Pulled chicken, carrots, celery,onions, country noodles.   

                              Soup of the Week

Based on availability, and seasonal 
ingredients, ask your server

                                     Soup & Special 9.99        

                           Small House Salad and Small Soup    

          The Health Department :  Consuming raw or undercooked poultry, eggs, beef, pork, fish, or shellfish may contribute to food born illness. All items marked(GF) are gluten free, (GFO) gluten free options are available.     

BEVERAGES SM/LG    2.99/3.99

Apple • Orange • Cranberry 

Whole • 2% • Skim • Lactose Free

Hot Beverages 

2.99 Coffee

5. 99 Specialty Coffee
 Vanilla Latte •   Mocha Latte  •  Caramel Macchiato

4.99 Hot Tea

Pop  2.99
Pepsi • Diet Pepsi • Moutain Dew 
Dr. Pepper • Sierra Mist • Root Beer • Lemonade
Orange Crush • Iced-Tea

The Health Department: Consuming raw or undercooked poultry, eggs, beef, pork, fish, or shellfish may contribute to food born illness. All items marked(GF) are gluten free, (GFO) gluten free options are available

121 S Depot St., Batesville, IN 47006    |    (812) 932-3687

Monday - Sunday   Dining room is open 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

 Breakfast and Lunch Served Daily

Beer and Wine Available

Carry Out Available.  Delivery and pick up - click on

our online ordering button above to place an order.

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